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D10s Plus

D10s Pro is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner with a wiping function. With this robot, you can sit back and clean for up to 65 days without any manual effort. The 4-liter dust bag captures 99.5% of small particles.

The versatile rubber brush without bristles penetrates deep into the carpet, agitates and sucks up the underlying dust, removes dirt from hard floors, allowing for comprehensive cleaning in your home.

Thanks to advanced AI and LDS obstacle detection, obstacles are accurately detected and avoided, rooms are identified to recommend cleaning strategies, and maps of your living spaces are created – for effective cleaning where no spots are missed.

Start your cleaning with your voice. With support for Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you can seamlessly integrate your robot vacuum into your smart home and enjoy an even more convenient and automated cleaning.

5,000Pa Suction

Fast Mapping

Large Coverage

Key Features:

Vacuum robot with wiping function

AI and LDS obstacle detection

Strong battery with 5200 mAh capacity and 280 minutes running time

Suction power up to 5,000 Pa

4 liter dust bag

400ml dust container & 140ml water tank

Controllable via Dreame Home app and Xiaomi Home app, Alexa, Siri und Google Assistant

dreame is a globally recognized brand!