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Glory Haartrockner

The Dreame Glory hair dryer is a powerful hairdryer that offers fast and efficient drying and is loaded with many features to keep your hair healthy and well-maintained.

The Dreame Glory features a high-speed motor with 110,000 rpm and a speed of 70 m/s. You can dry shoulder-length hair in only 2 minutes.

It has an 82mm ultra short balanced cylinder and is lightweight and portable. With a net weight of only 345 g, it is easy to use and store away.

The hair dryer is equipped with 300 million platinum ions, which helps keep the hair strong and resistant to UV rays and reduce split ends.

The Dreame Glory can easily switch between four temperatures and two speeds switch to different to meet drying and hair care needs.

The built-in NTC thermistor ensures a constant temperature of 57°C at a distance of 10 cm from the outlet. This will avoid burning the scalp or the hair being damaged.

70m/s Airflow

300 Million Negative ions/cm³

Advanced NTC Temperature Control

Compact, 345g Lightweight Design

Key Features:

Voltage and frequency: 220-240V~50/60Hz

Air Flow Speed: 70m/s

Motor: 110,000 rpm high-speed motor

Ion technology: 300 million platinum anions/cm³

Loudness: ≤76dB

dreame is a globally recognized brand!