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L10 Ultra

The Dreame L10 Ultra perfectly combines the most popular robotic cleaning technologies.

This state-of-the-art model features an automatic dust dump, automatic mop cleaning and drying, and advanced and customizable navigation with obstacle detection to achieve impressive cleaning performance without any manual intervention (other than occasional tank refilling and emptying).

The L10 Ultra is equipped with automatic carpet detection, and when driving on the carpet, it raises its mops to increase suction and avoid wetting the carpet. The L10 Ultra can be easily controlled with Alexa or via the app.

Automatic Empty

Mop Self-Cleaning

Mop Self-Drying

5,300Pa Suction

Key Features:


Vacuum robot with wiping function

Powerful battery with a capacity of 5,200mAh

Suction power up to 5,300 Pa

Navigation is via an LDS dual laser sensor system

Controllable via Dreame Home App, Xiaomi Home App, Alexa, and Google Assistant

Fully automatic base station:

Fresh water tank capacity: 2500ml

Recovery tank capacity: 2500ml

Dust bag capacity: 3000ml

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