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L10s Pro

The L10s Pro is an intelligent vacuum robot with a mopping function. Strong suction power of up to 5,300 Pa, automatic carpet detection, automatic suction power adjustment, and a robust rubber brush ensure that stubborn dirt is reliably removed from carpets and hard floors.

The wiping system with two rotating mops ensures thorough cleaning. The robot recognizes obstacles and carpets precisely with its AI camera and 3D structured light technology. Depending on requirements, the L10s Pro raises the wiping unit and automatically increases the suction power.

The state-of-the-art LDS laser navigation ensures that your entire home is cleaned efficiently.

You can smoothly start, pause or stop cleaning by voice command and monitor your home via video controls in the Dreame Home App.

3D Structured Light

Strong Suction

Dual Rotary Mops

Key Features:

Vacuum robot with wiping function

Powerful battery with a capacity of 5,200mAh

Suction power up to 5,300 Pa

AI-Kamera und LDS Navigation

Container capacities: dust 450ml, water 190ml

Controllable via Dreame Home App, Xiaomi Home App or with Alexa or Google Assistant

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